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About the Artist

Kitty Garrett is an assemblage art sculptor based out of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. She's always had a passion for creating, whether it be pottery, watercolor, stained glass, or even woodworking, Kitty is happiest when she is in the studio. After years of exploring various artistic mediums, Kitty decided to combine her two favorite things: 

Hunting for antiques and creating art.

She makes her creations by combining "junk" people throw away and turning it into something new and beautiful.

"People can look at parts and pieces and all they see is junk. When I find these items, I see hats, body parts, bases... essentially a new being."

"What is most rewarding about this art form is that I am able to combine my love and passion for re-purposing old and often castaway objects- everyday items that others have touched- and bring them back to life."

I'm not junk - I'm special

I am worthy of praise

I'm not old - I'm beautiful